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live in color

I have found that colors I am drawn to are not necessarily ones Mister Fox would choose. The other day after seeing my color swatches he stated he was concerned the interior of our home was going to look like a gypsy wagon. I’m not sure I see that as a bad thing…




It’s so cheery!




I am simply trying to unite the colors of our home. Kit #1 has chosen green for his room. The color of grass or as close to it as possible. Kit #2 has chosen dark blue-green. The bathroom which is between their two rooms is light blue, black, and white. A dark purple has already been approved for the dining room and a light airy lemony color for the living room. Splashes of cherry red are planned for the kitchen and inside cabinets. Okay, I can see why Mister Fox is concerned. I think if I’m careful, done well it won’t be garish.

I’m drawn to pure clear gem tones. So you can see why the photo above looks like heaven to me. I started thinking about what colors Mister Fox is drawn to, colors he wears and so on. He likes muddied earth tones. Greys, olives, browns but also the sharp contrast of black and red. The question is, do I make him live in vibrant color or do I find a happy medium? Is there a happy medium? What color is it? Now that we have walls we can paint any color we choose I don’t want to live in all white/beige again!

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thieves in the trees

This post has nothing to do with home improvement or gardening. It snowed the other day for realz and we made a snowman in the backyard. A few hours later we went out to run errands and I asked that we drive through the alley so I could snap a quick photo of our frosty creation. His nose was missing! It took a lot of work to get it in there and I had packed it in tight so it wouldn’t fall out but it was gone! Kit #1 blames the bunnies but I’ve got my money on the squirrels.

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plant buddies

I have been sucked into the world of pinterest. Today I stumbled across an article on plants that get along well together and those that do not. As well as plants for pest control. As I was reading it I felt like I was back in math class having to solve a word problem. Being a visual person I grabbed some paper and cut out small squares to draw pictures of the plants on. Kit #1 helped me color them while kit #2 tried to eat our handy work.  I then arranged the squares so that plants were with their pals and away from those they don’t play well with.

It’s funny because the other day I was thinking I would put sunflowers and corn together simply because they’re both tall. Turns out they’re also buddies.

I forgot nasturtiums and squash but they would both go with the pumpkin.

I knew marigolds deterred a variety of pests and was ready to plant them in every nook and cranny until I learned they are a favorite of slugs. Catnip and lemon balm should do the trick though and with chamomile will be dispersed through and around all gardens. I love the idea of flowers and vegetables hanging out together. I’m tempted to fight order and not plant in rows. My only fear then is I won’t be able to find anything.  !  Which gives me an idea. DIY “Hello my name is” plant markers 🙂

To read more about companion planting:

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a mountain or a molehill

I took the boys out to play in the backyard this afternoon and I took the opportunity to take a bunch of pictures from different angles. I feel like we live on top of a mountain. Our yard slopes down on all sides except the west. It’s steep enough in places that I’m afraid someone will get hurt. So the plan is to terrace it by the alley and leave space for a future garage or at least additional off street parking. Then I’ve broken it into quadrants. A zone for the boys to terrorize and their tree house. One for the kitchen garden. Another for a butterfly/cutting garden and possible pond with moon garden. And a zone for a fire pit. The center I’ve left open for game space like croquet or what not. This is the long term plan. We won’t be able to achieve all that this summer so I’m trying to figure out what we can do. Things that are less permanent and won’t be upset if moved later on. So obviously I’m not planting any trees or poppies, but a veggie garden and a few flowers aren’t out of the question.view from back alley


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cabin fever

I am stuck in planning mode simply because my hands are tied. It is too cold to plant anything and there are a million things I have to do to get the yard ready for that anyway. There is a long term plan for the yard and I don’t want to create any road blocks for myself. I would love to paint but it’s too cold to open any windows to allow for ventilation. And so here I am poring over seed catalogs and backyard idea books and better homes and gardens magazines. Sketching, taking notes, taping color swatches to the walls and going stark raving mad. I am a dreamer. I enjoy planning things. But for once I’d love to see something actually come to fruition. I hate waiting…

So I guess here in the interim I could post all my ideas. Get them all organized in one place. That will keep me occupied for awhile.

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