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just a little elbow grease

I think my scavenging DIY ways are rubbing off on Mister Fox. He came home the other day pretty excited about another trunk full surprise. Would you like to see what it was?




two disassembled pine packing crates he got free from work




What did he have planned for these pine boards you ask? Check it out.




A compost bin!




Pretty sweet for completely wingin’ it. No more unsightly pile of yard waste! And it was free! Yippee!


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instant gratification

I’m starting to think I’m not supposed to have tomatoes this year. My first shot at seeds and nothing sprouted. Attempt number two and after I got them planted and as I was putting them under the grow lights they fell out of my hand and spilled everywhere. Third time replanting them and they did fine for a few days, until this morning.




Lesson learned. Put a lock on the grow room.


Also, never underestimate the sneakiness of kit #2. He is a minja.




After this incident I think I’m giving up on tomatoes this year. I texted Mister Fox and let him know we needed a lock for our door ASAP. When he got home from work he wanted me to check out what he had got. I opened the trunk and guess what I found. Not a lock. But you should have seen the smile on my face and the tears in my eyes. This man gets me. And he knows at least one of the ways to my heart.




Two blueberry bushes, five bags of topsoil and a bag of mulch.






Starting plants from seed can be very rewarding. It can also be very frustrating. After the tomato seed starting disasters and my feelings of failure, that trunk full of gardening goodness was just what I needed.





Instant gratification!





We may not be snacking on fox cherry or tigerella tomatoes this year, but at least we’ll have blueberries!

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natural fence

The raspberry fence is done (for now).




The gap between is so we can still take the trash out. I’m hoping to put some sort of more permanent gate there. Maybe an arbor with a door.






2 staggered rows




The alley and garages are definitely not my favorite view from the yard. I’ll do whatever I can to block views and add a little privacy without putting up a giant solid wall. I have big plans for the yard. I don’t know if Mister Fox shares my vision but hopefully as the yard progresses he’ll see I’m actually doing him a favor. He’ll have less to mow and more to enjoy.


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happy easter!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished I had a camera in my eyes. I’m usually quick enough with my Canon but sometimes the best images pass in the blink of an eye “click”. Yesterday morning a bunny hopped into our yard right in front of the big bay window. Couldn’t find the camera. Ugh. When I finally found it the rabbit was 3 houses down. The zoom lens isn’t that good but I snapped the photo anyway. You see, last year when we visited my mom for Easter we spotted a bunny in her yard. It’s becoming a cute trend.



Easter ’12







Easter ’11





Now onto more yard updates! A couple days ago we helped my mom thin out her yard and got to take home a bunch of free plants in return. I planted 5 pagoda dogwoods yesterday. Three in the front yard and two in back. The ones in front got under plantings of wild geraniums. We also planted anemone and catnip. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to finish the raspberry “fence”.

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patio paper puzzle

Hey remember when I dug all that concrete out of my yard? Free patio! Instead of rearranging all the pavers until we got it how we want it, I scaled it down on paper and cut out squares to play with. Designing goes faster and is less labor intensive. Here are 17 possibilities.

The bottoms of the images are where the house would be. The larger squares represent 24″ blocks, the smaller 18″. As for designs with a large gap, a fire pit could go in that space. Let me know your favorite!


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