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a happy mother’s day

Mother’s day turned out to be an amazing day. We went to my mom’s house and dug out a bunch of plants to put in our yard. I spent most of the day in the sun and dirt. It was awesome.



hostas, lilies, irises, stargazers, chives, a rose bush and a bag of kindling for the fire pit





The wedding bouquet garden is coming together in a way I didn’t imagine happening this year. I thought I’d throw some lily bulbs in the ground and see what they did and that would be it for this season. However, my mom had a red rose bush and a bunch of stargazers that are already about 2 feet tall. In they went.










I have been struggling on a color scheme for the kitchen since we moved in. As I was taking a break and getting a drink of water I looked out the window above the sink trying to envision how the garden will look when it’s full grown and in bloom. I thought how lovely it would be to have fresh cut flowers on the windowsill. Like a mini wedding bouquet. And then it clicked. Why just have blooms in vases? Why not pull the whole fabulous color scheme through the window and onto the walls and floor and ceiling and cupboards and curtains?

Then I put the irises and lilies over by the lonely arborvitae and threw in some milkweed seeds.










While I worked in the heat of the back yard, my mom worked in the shade of the front. She put in all the lovely hostas.




I think they are going to look great once they fill in a bit more. Plus hopefully they help with the erosion problem on that steep hillside.





The bee’s friend is coming up nicely.








The first little starts of the lupine and flax are peeking through too.








And kit #1 discovered the first two ripe blueberries which he and his brother got to consume. No photo of this as they were way to excited to wait.

The veggie garden is next!


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Mister Fox is not happy.





I couldn’t stop. It was like digging for buried treasure.






I didn’t want concrete in the yard! But now how do I fix this? I’m thinking I’m gonna need to dig out more sod to plant wildflowers and some watermelons so maybe I can just fill in the trench that I’ve made that way. I wouldn’t have even known they were there had I not been transplanting kit #1’s zinnias. I went to dig a hole and hit something hard. I saw the edges of them and had to know if there were more. I was hoping there would be some intact ones to add to our free patio.



That shovel is getting me into trouble.





Also, I thought we had dug out all the stumps on the east side of the yard but it looks like we missed one.




Grape vine. Should I just leave it and see what it does?






This is growing between the sidewalk and the foundation of the house. I don’t think I could successfully transplant it. Kill it or let it be?




It looks like a rose to me.






That’s all the excitement for today. Any thoughts on what I should do with all those busted up patio pavers? Or how to get out of the dog house?



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curses, foiled again!

I tried to get out yesterday to plant flower seeds. No go. By the time I got out there it started raining. I got out today before it started raining for a couple hours with the kits but they are more trouble than help and I spent more time chasing them back into the yard than actually getting anything accomplished. <sigh> We really need a fence. So the yard is half tore up and no seeds are in the ground. Let me show you what I have in mind.




Blue flax and lupine from American Meadows.





Only on a smaller scale. It will just be the back slope behind the raspberry bushes down to the alley.



Crazy how much the yard has changed since this photo.





Can you visualize it? I really need to find a more aesthetically pleasing solution for those bins. Any ideas? Then I have swamp milkweed, marigolds, zinnias, bunny tails, poppies and daisies I have to throw in somewhere. And it’s only the beginning (more on the big plan another time). Now if the boys and the rain will give me a break I may actually get it done. Speaking of rain, yesterday when it was raining I looked out the back window to see this.




Bunny trying to stay dry.




Kit #1 wants me to build them a house so they can stay dry. He’s so sweet. He gets awful mad when they eat his dandelions though. It’s a perfect day for indoor DIY so I may just do it. Do you think they’d use it?



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the ever evolving not so blank canvas

I have been so busy doing stuff that I’ve forgotten to blog about it. So this post may be longer than usual but I’ll try to catch you up on what’s new.

It’s fun to see what’s coming up. I just assumed we had a blank canvas to work with but it turns out there is quite a bunch of stuff growing out front.




Lily of the valley








I thought this bed was empty except for that sorry looking “bonsai” and a bunch of mulch. Boy was I wrong!






All kinds of hostas, peonies, iris, etc.







Wild geraniums in bloom.








Tons of these guys. They are kit #1’s favorite and he is a pro at ensuring there will be plenty of them.




So that’s fun. Then when I had given up on tomatoes this year, they all sprouted! Now I have more plants than I know what to do with!








These have since been transplanted into larger pots. I also mulched around the raspberries so it’s easier to mow. It was getting kinda scraggly in between them since the mower didn’t fit.





Looks much nicer, right?




That’s all for now!

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