the ever evolving not so blank canvas

03 May

I have been so busy doing stuff that I’ve forgotten to blog about it. So this post may be longer than usual but I’ll try to catch you up on what’s new.

It’s fun to see what’s coming up. I just assumed we had a blank canvas to work with but it turns out there is quite a bunch of stuff growing out front.




Lily of the valley








I thought this bed was empty except for that sorry looking “bonsai” and a bunch of mulch. Boy was I wrong!






All kinds of hostas, peonies, iris, etc.







Wild geraniums in bloom.








Tons of these guys. They are kit #1’s favorite and he is a pro at ensuring there will be plenty of them.




So that’s fun. Then when I had given up on tomatoes this year, they all sprouted! Now I have more plants than I know what to do with!








These have since been transplanted into larger pots. I also mulched around the raspberries so it’s easier to mow. It was getting kinda scraggly in between them since the mower didn’t fit.





Looks much nicer, right?




That’s all for now!

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