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garden update

We bought a bird feeder and some seed.








The birds haven’t found it yet but I also put a dish out for the chipmunk who discovered it right away.




Clean plater




We also have raspberries.



They don’t last long. Kit #2 can spot them from across the yard and will race to devour as many as he can as soon as we get outside. He has an adorable permanently berry stained chin.




Then that clever Mister Fox helped me figure out how to deal with my tomatoes who had taken over the veggie garden. Unruly buggers.




Ingenious makeshift trellis of sorts.




They had gotten so big there was no way I was going to be able to stuff them into cages (which they probably would have outgrown anyway). This worked beautifully. They are just woven in between ropes. Now they can climb as high as the window. Win.



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waving a white flag

June 20th (the best day of the year to see a fairy) has come and gone. We did not see any fairies, but one visited us while we slept. Kit #1 had lost his very first tooth that day and the tooth-fairy came that night. Exciting stuff.

In other news, the squirrels continue to destroy the raspberry bushes and now the bunnies have joined in the shenanigans in full force. I looked out the window the other morning to see this.



They were all just chillin’ in the morning sun so I let them be.








The little one started chomping on what’s left of my lilies.





I sent kit #2 after them. He chased them all the way to the edge of the yard before I had to stop him from going in the alley. Good job baby. I put garlic on skewers and stuck them around my lilies to ward them off. The bigger ones have stayed away as far as I can tell, but the littlest one apparently is not a vampire yet. He’ll sit right next to it munching away.




What’s left of one of my lilies. <cries>









And the other… <sniffle>






I did not know what I was up against when I started planting stuff. I am rethinking my entire plan for the yard. I don’t want it to be a constant battle. Why can’t we all just get along?


I’m surrounded! I just got up to get a drink and as I walked past the front window this guy was just staring in at me!



Now they’re in the front yard too!






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year of the dragon veggie garden

I have had requests for veggie garden photos, so here they are. I gotta warn you though, it’s looking a little ratty. I pulled weeds but the grass is overgrown near the house and the pavers need to be moved out of there. It is what it is.



Carrots are in front, peppers behind that, a cucumber or two, tomatoes in back along with beans and peas.






Another view, chives are in the black pot, catnip next to that and I think a random zinnia next to that. Nothing in the snail. I couldn’t decide.







Dragon carrots








Dragon’s egg cucumber







Moon and stars watermelon





It’s supposed to rain for the next several days which will be good for the garden. I will update with more photos as things grow bigger so you can watch everything evolve.


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this means war!

I do not like squirrels. Their beady little eyes. They are rats with fluffy tails. They will steal your soul. And they continue to destroy my blueberry and raspberry bushes.



Exhibit A. Another branch ripped off the blueberry bush.









Exhibit B. Raspberry snapped in half.









Exhibit C. Completely flattened raspberry.





They are ruthless. No more mister nice guy, err girl. I busted out the Cayenne pepper. I’m not messing around. If this doesn’t work I am going to let Mister Fox loose with a paintball gun and start tagging the jerks.



Sadly the bottle was almost empty by the time I was done.







I was sneezing and my nose was running. It worked on me, it’ll work on them. It better.


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82 degrees and rising

It’s getting hot and the plants are loving it! Me, not so much. Which is why I’m sitting in the lovely A/C writing this instead of playing in the sun. The veggie garden is in and I planted a bunch more flowers. I’d let you see but until the seeds sprout and grow a bit it’s just a big dirt pile right now. We’ll see what happens. Here’s what’s blooming.




Still short but pretty red rose








Bee’s friend





Here’s what’s coming up.



Stargazers and peacock orchids from bulbs









Flax and lupine are still tiny but have gotten their “real” leaves





I caught the culprit who was ripping branches off the blueberry bushes. If I had my camera a minute earlier you would have seen him hanging upside down from one of the branches. Jerk.




Not a bear






When kitty is in the yard she is really effective at keeping them away, but she can’t be out there all the time (as much as she’d like to) so I’m going to have to come up with something else. Then we saw this little guy today.



cute little chipmunk





Just seconds after this photo was taken, kitty realized what we were looking at and chased it up the tree. Ah well. So that’s what’s new. Now that the garden stuff is mostly done I’ll have more time to work on stuff inside the house, so look forward to more painted rooms! I’ll leave you with this.



Mistress of her domain, defender of her yard in all her splendor.

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