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this morning’s harvest

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The post I should have written last week if I hadn’t been ill

My non-biological set of parents came to visit awhile back and I wanted to post all of the shenanigans but was out of commission for the better part of the week, so here is that delayed post.

My kitchen is probably the worst room in the house. It is a hodgepodge of patterns and eras.


Photo from the listing








What it looked like when we moved in.

The non functional stove was immediately replaced







Lovely linoleum tiles (insert sarcasm)







Fabulous floral wallpaper (insert sarcasm)







Cute curtains (insert sarcasm)






As you can see, it’s a mess. So anyway, my MIL was just stepping outside when she spotted a piece of peeling wallpaper. She is a notorious scab picker and just couldn’t leave it alone.


Trouble maker






It must have looked like fun, because before long kit #1 was helping in the mayhem.










15 minutes later and my kitchen walls were stripped. Now I really have to decide on a color.


Kit #2’s reaction to the catastrophe

(Okay that’s not true. I told him to smile for the camera and this is what he did. We’ll work on it.)







So, yeah. I have a bunch of patching and sanding to do before we paint but I guess it’s better than ugly peeling wallpaper for now.



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