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a chill in the air

We’ve reached the end of the growing season. Luckily I harvested all the rest of the veggies before the frost hit. But what am I going to do with 10 cucumbers?








Then I’ve been trimming things down and ripping things out getting the gardens ready for winter. In doing so, I saved all the flower heads from the zinnias first. Since zinnias are in the sunflower family, the whole center is packed with seeds. We are going to have TONS of zinnias next year.








The hibiscus has joined me in the kitchen. It seems happy so far. Though I think a dwarf Meyer lemon tree might be nice to keep it company.










We haven’t seen the chipmunk lately. I was starting to worry and then kit #1 noticed his hole was gone. Well, not gone, he just couldn’t see into it. Looks like chippy is all tucked in for winter.










Sometimes I wish I could bury myself in a mountain of blankets and hibernate for the winter too. Curse responsibilities.



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