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I officially suck at blogging. It’s hard to be motivated when on March 18th it’s still snowing…wtf. I mean this time last year I was cutting down unruly shrubbery and kit #2 was running around on green grass in a t-shirt. I’ve started a few flats of seeds but I felt a bit masochistic doing so when there is no sign of spring in sight. I have got cabin fever something fierce and it is making me super crabby. I just wanna go outside and play in the dirt already! To add to the wintery misery, while Mister Fox was out shoveling the sidewalk he discovered a big section of fascia had fallen off. Underneath where the fascia had been was a couple wasp nests attached to some rather worn wood. I guess that’s the only advantage to the cold at this point, we can get rid of the nests without worrying about getting stung.

fascia in the snow






fascia missing






wasp nests












I became official ladder holder in 20 degree weather with bitter wind blowing snow in my face. Ah, the joys of being a homeowner. I’m just glad he was the one on the ladder and not me.

I can't watch










I couldn’t watch. I just stared at my boots and hugged onto the ladder for dear life. Well, except for this brief moment where I snapped a picture.

bent but better








And done. I even got a high five for helping!




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