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WARNING! This post contains gushy romantic stuff!

We just celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary! It was an amazing day. I got to sleep in and then I got myself all dolled up with my wedding jewelry and a fancy sundress. Kit #1 said I looked so pretty and asked if it was a wedding dress. I said no, but would you like to see my wedding dress? So I put my wedding dress on for the first time since my wedding and when the boys saw me in it their jaws dropped and Kit #2 asked “Are you a princess?” I said, why? do I look like a princess? “Yes, you look like a princess!” Aww! I love my boys!

We took our time getting ready and headed to Como Zoo. It was insanely crowded and I feared we wouldn’t be able to find parking and may need to change our plans. Then when all hope seemed lost a gentleman walking to his vehicle stopped us and said, follow me, I have a spot for you. What?! If you have ever been to Como, when you see this next picture you will understand just how fortuitous this was! Thank you kind stranger! You just made my day!









What is that white structure in the background you ask? Oh, why that’s where we got married! So we took a stroll on over there before heading in to the zoo. We sat on the bench and took in the view. Then Mister Fox turned and looked at me and said “Happy anniversary. If I had it to do all over, I would marry you again. Would you marry me again?” And he pulled out the most gorgeous rings and slipped them on my finger.





Thank you Kit #1 for this amazing shot!









<swoon!> I feel like a fairytale princess!




Then we walked around the zoo and enjoyed the beautiful day.





I just love the tigers!




And then something to cool us down. Mmm malts!











I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!






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