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How time flies…

I can’t believe how long it’s been since my last post. Okay that’s a lie. I can totally believe how long it’s been. I knew blogging wouldn’t be my thing, but I am glad I did it and wish I had stuck with it (There’s 2 years missing!). Looking back at how our house and lot have changed (and how quickly those boys grew up) is very eye opening. I’ve been feeling like things aren’t happening fast enough but then looking at those photos from the first years in the house and I’m reminded of just how far we’ve come. Slow and steady wins the race? My vegetable gardens were far better in those first two years. This year and last were unruly.

A few big changes are happening to the house in the next couple weeks. We are getting new siding and a new roof. The house is going to look VERY different. We’re basically inverting the color scheme. Instead of a white house with black trim, it will be very dark grey with white trim. As a precaution, I’m having to move all plantings within 10 feet of the perimeter. I’ll keep you updated on all the fun as it happens. the siding and roofing samples

As for the yard, we commandeered a fence from my parents. They are replacing theirs and what’s better than reusing and free? Reduce, reuse, recycle! There’s just one more panel and a gate that needs to go in and then it’s done! Some privacy at last!

new old fence

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